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I play the board game risk now and then

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The board game consist of cards to gain armies quickly/ big numbers r fun :) the questions is should we have them or should'ne we, or possibly the option of both, or the option to, On the newer risk game they have moon bases and water bases, which is really cool, i guess you could say the moon is kinda like the elevator level, also more maps with dotted lines would be pretty sweet, spacing out contenents a bit to make things more challenging

You have a couple of different subjects here.

Cards.  I chose not to have cards for a couple of reasons.  First, Hex, and a second Risk-like game coming out soon, are not meant to be Risk clones.   Second, Strategy Gamers is focused on strategy gaming, not luck gaming.  The more random elements you add to a game the more you take away the pure skill factor.  I do not wish to dilute the skill of a player through the luck of the draw.  Therefore, I left cards out of the design.  I will reconsider using a cards option periodically.

Maps.  there will be many more maps including those with dashed lines/spacing between regions.

I also like how there is an option to take chucks out of maps, thats is so freakin awesome




this is a list of maps, theres a lot of them, all made by different people.

lots oof uninque styles and creations made from various users ( only the real world ones i think r good )


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