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I'd appreciate feedback on the Hex game maps.  The World map has been used quite regularly, so on top of previous comments made in chat areas, please feel to add your opinions here.  I'm, of course, willing to consider modifications, such as the value of regions.

I'd particularly appreciate feedback o the Halloween map.  I'll go first.  It is better than I expected.  It seems very balanced and challenging while leaving a sizable variety of play options.


i think i shied away from the hex maps due to my own confusion with some of them and also due to the former sluggishness of the site, which is definitely resolved.

i like the old comfortable map.  the halloween map is a good idea.  if i win, then it's a good map.  *grin*

LOL, all of them are Hex maps.  Thanks C

I like the elevator level, nice touch, Keep up the creations!!


--- Quote from: Peacemaker on November 20, 2009, 10:06:00 PM ---LOL, all of them are Hex maps.  Thanks C

--- End quote ---

errr... yeah, right.  i meant "other hex maps" as compared to the world map.

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