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Be able to see board in games you've been eliminated in

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I'd like to look at the board of games still in progress, but that I have been killed off in. It doesn't seem to allow that. It would help me to learn strategy be being able to see turns after I'm eliminated...

There most certainly is.  In fact on the gameboard you can cycle through the previous moves.  On the Game Review page, you can cycle through the map as it appeared at the start of each turn and see what offensive actions took place.  The review is always a turn behind, lest it let you know an opponents intentions for the turn.  Also, you cannot review games with uncharted territory (aka fog).

Ah, ok *duh*
I was used to being able to see the board when I clicked on the "Game Board" tab, but I just got the list of players. When I clicked on the "Game Review" it worked like a charm, just as you said. Cool!

One small thing, the Previous and Next links are highlighted (blue) when they are not active and black when they are active. This is a little confusing (not anymore, now that I know it's kinda the reverse of what I'm used to for browser links). Not sure if you did this by design or if maybe it's my browser (FF)? Not a big deal, but might be a little confusing to new players.

Nice and fast on the replay as you go through the turns, nice job PM! Now I can see how everyone swarms all over me like, like, bees in a honeycomb lol  ;)

I have not yet employed someone to make-over the interface for cross-browser compatibility.  I am aware that FF is wonky on appearance.  It will all be straightened out in time.  Thanks for the heads up.  All the little details are important to me.

No problem PM. U and I go back a ways, and I always had the utmost respect for you man. I'm glad you finally got this up and running man. Peace :-)


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