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the blue bar at the top, when u click chat, it gets rid of logs, and when u click regions it gets of the chat, when you click it, it shouldnt get rid of the other features, so where you click it again, to close, maybe indicated my different colors or shades.  not really important, but something useful :)


I'm not sure what you are requesting.  It sounds as if you want the Chat, Logs, and Regions to display at the same time.  While initially I wanted to fit all the good information on one screen, the fact is that there is not room for it.  It makes more sense to allow the user to click on what they need when they need it rather than force all the information in a jumble on one screen.  Additionally, there are many players who rarely look at anything other than the board, therefore slowing the page view to provide information they don't use would be a bad idea.

If I'm not comprehending your idea, please elaborate.  Thanks.

my dear friend... we live in the modern ages * horizontal scroll bar * or maybe just me 22" widescreen computer

also i still request an orange color, one like the shirt im wearing

i was looking at a game board today and i couldnt tell the difference between grey, white, light brown and light green, i suggest we swap out some colors for brighter and darker colors, i prefer shades over tints, aka hot pink and orange, all you have are two yellows


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